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Venezuelan Ring - "Chamo-12" - Anillo Venezuela (12mm)
Venezuelan Ring - "Chamo-12" - Anillo Venezuela (12mm)

Venezuelan Ring - "Chamo-12" - Anillo Venezuela (12mm)

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This is a very special piece of jewelry elaborated with love thinking of you, dear Venezuelan friends. Also, if you are not from Venezuela but you are looking for a nice present, this would make a great gift for this community of people. They will know you care for them and for their country!




  • This ring is high polished and made out of stainless steel.

  • The interior is round and smooth.

  • Height: 12mm.

  • It has 3 bands: Yellow, blue with 7 engraved dancing stars distributed on 3/4 of the ring, and red, representing their “Tricolor.”

  • You can order a size up because this ring is a little long. It may get too tight if you order your normal size.



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